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Animal Instincts Dog Training and Obedience knows that training is as important to your dog’s development and health as regular veterinary care. Whether you have a specific issue to address or want to improve your dog’s manners and listening skills – there’s a class for you. Read more on our approach to dog training and what puts Wooftopia’s school at the top. Click here to check out our training website to find out about upcoming classes and workshops.


Obedience Classes

Each session will cater to the unique needs of the participants and their dogs. Exercises are built to allow you to work at your own pace.

Class Requirements

Classes are 60 minutes long and sessions run once per week for six weeks.
Proof of parvo/distemper and rabies vaccines required.

Rates & Registration

Six-week session: $125.00 + gst
Discount available for returning learners and dogs adopted from a rescue/shelter
Classes are limited to six dogs per session and are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
To register for a class, please email

puppyPuppy Manners

This class focuses on helping to raise a well-mannered, balanced dog. You will learn fundamental obedience skills through games and interactive exercises, with a focus on techniques to help prevent puppy nipping, chewing and jumping.

Puppy Manners is about building a stronger bond with your pup, and practicing daily skills with other dogs and people in new environments.

basicBasic Obedience

This class focuses on basic obedience skills for dogs roughly six months and up. We cover the basic fundamentals such as sit, stay, down, recall, and much more!

Our focus is helping you to connect with your dog by creating a lasting bond. By the end of this class, you’ll have a strong understanding of your dog’s body language as well as know how to exercise your dog both mentally and physically!

noviceNovice Obedience I

To participate in this class, you must have completed a Basic Obedience. In this class, we expand upon the behaviors and tricks we learned in previous classes, while starting to really work on our off leash skills and impulse control. We also work on creating a strong heel around a lot of different distractions.

Novice Obedience II

To participate in this class you must have completed Novice Obedience Level One or an equivalent. Dogs must be friendly with other dogs and have a good focus on their owner. We will be working on and off leash, working on distance stays/stops/sits/downs, heeling on and off leash, leaving various distractions and incorporating some Rally Obedience.

agilityAgility Starter

To participate in this class, you must have completed a Novice Obedience class. In this class, we expand upon the behaviors and tricks we learned in Novice Obedience, while applying it to the basics of agility. Depending on the class, we may also go into some beginner Rally Obedience.

Agility Level II

To participate in this class you must have completed Agility Level One or an equivalent. In this class we will start to experiment with new equipment and expand upon the difficulties of our combinations that we learned in Level One. A solid sit, stay and recall are necessary.


If you’re looking for something fun to do with your dog then Tricks class is for you! We work on different tricks such as roll over, fancy feet, spin, twist, peak (walking on feet) and more. We also decide as a group what big trick you want to learn throughout the 6 weeks. Basic Obedience is necessary, your dog must have a solid sit, down and stay to participate in this class.

reactive-roverReactive Rover

To participate in this class, a prior assessment by one of our trainers is required. Reactive Rover aims to help those dogs who struggle with reactivity – lunging and barking at other dogs, people, critters, bicycles, or cars. Our trainers will help teach you to read your dog’s signals and will help your dog learn to relax in situations that usually stress him out. Some equipment may be recommended for this class on a dog by dog basis, including a front clip harness, halti, or muzzle.

Upcoming Fall Schedule

All classes will be held at the Wooftopia Dog Training & Recreation Centre, 25 Otter Street, Winnipeg, MB. Each class is one hour a week for 6 weeks. Payment can be made by debit, credit, or cash.
To register for a class, please email

Puppy Manners
Wednesday November 8 – December 13, 645pm-745pm
Sunday November 12 – December 17, 11am-12pm
Monday November 13 – December 18, 645pm-745pm

Basic Obedience
Wednesday November 8 – December 13, 8pm-9pm
Sunday November 12 – December 17, 1215pm-115pm or 130pm-230pm
Monday November 13 – December 18, 8pm-9pm

Novice Obedience Level One
Tuesday November 7 – December 12, 645pm-745pm
Sunday November 12 – December 17, 245pm-345pm

Novice Obedience Level Two
Tuesday November 7 – December 12, 8pm-9pm

Agility Level One
Thursday November 9 – December 14, 645pm-745pm

Reactive Rover
Sunday November 12 – December 17, 4pm-445pm or 5pm-545pm or 6pm-645pm

What to bring:

  • Very high value, soft treats – make sure to cut these into small pea-sized pieces as they will be getting a lot of them!
  • If your dog is less treat motivated and more toy motivated bring one or two of your dog’s favorite toys (nothing that squeaks please)
  • A front buckle collar, martingale collar, or harness
  • 6′ Leash – your dog will remain on leash for the entire class
  • Mat – A bath mat with rubber backing works best as it is easily transportable. I got mine at Dollarama.
  • Clicker – please click on my blog on clicker training here to learn more.
  • Training notebook (optional) – to note details about each training session you have with your dog and track your progress


What people are saying

“Desiree has been helping us with our reactive dog for about 6 months now. Our walks used to be filled with tension, and were stressful.
Through private training, and class settings, Desiree has honed in on what is making our dog reactive, and has tailored the steps we take based on him. She took the time to understand him, the events that took place to lead to his reactivity, the timings of them in his life, as well as his diet and physical activity level… I, without hesitation, would recommend Desiree for any training needs. The quality, and the tailored advice is by far the best that I have ever received.”
– Samantha A.
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