Reno Update: April 6th, 2015

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After viewing what seemed like thousands of properties, we came across what will become our first Wooftopia facility. Located in Linden Woods off Waverley Street, 25 Otter Street is just six minutes north of Kenaston Boulevard & McGillivray Boulevard, and an easy eighteen minutes from the downtown core. After three long weeks of negotiations, the lease was officially signed and … Read More

Why Daycamp; Why Wooftopia

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Wooftopia Dog Training and Recreation Centre offers premium dog daycamp to help satisfy your dog’s physical, emotional and social needs. Dog daycamp is a great solution for owners with long work days, or dogs who need the stimulation above and beyond what you do at home. 5 Reasons for Daycamp #1: Exercise Exercise is a necessity to maintain your physical … Read More

Hitting the ground running

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The time has come my friends. The lease is officially signed and the construction process has commenced! I will be blogging here and there about Wooftopia’s construction process from now until we open in June 2015. Follow along to see the magic happen! Let me start with a little background. Early last year, I started to work on a business … Read More

Ski…what? Skijor!

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Kali and I recently joined a Skijoring/Kicksledding course and I am going to be writing a few blogs about our experiences. We are taking the course in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Training Loyal Companions with the amazing Diane and Skijor master Kev Roberts from Skijor OxfordDogs. Make sure to click on those links to check out more about them! Kev has … Read More

Puppy Training Basics

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Hey there! Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote anything! I have been getting quite a few questions from recent puppy adopters about some of the basics so that is what I will be writing about today. I mean really, who doesn’t love a puppy? First of all I want to mention a common mistake that is … Read More

Why I HATE Retractable Leashes

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I know, I know, hate is a pretty strong word that I don’t throw around very often but in this case I stand behind it 100%. I HATE retractable leashes! Why you ask? Let me give you just a few of the MANY reasons. You have little to no control over your dog. Giving your dog this type of freedom … Read More

Is Your Dog Trying To Be The Alpha? Doubt It!

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Unfortunately many trainers still believe in the dominance/alpha theory. This is harmful because it prevents owners from understanding what their dog is actually trying to tell them. This “dogs are wolves” theory started in the late 1960s. The underlying meaning is that because dogs and wolves are the same species, they must behave the same way. A man by the … Read More

“Squirrel? WHERE?!?” Training a Reliable Recall

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Does your dog come when called? Let me rephrase the question. Does your dog come when called immediately, no matter where you are,what you are doing, or what is around you? The majority of the dog owning population will say that generally their dog comes to them when called inside the house, or in the yard, but not as much … Read More

Dogs: Not Too Cool For School

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Scenario 1: You just got a new puppy or adult dog and think, “I won’t do classes with this one because I did with the last one and I still have the notes.” Scenario 2: You have had your dog for years and you think, “I’ve had my dog for 5 years, I don’t need to take any classes now.” … Read More