What People Are Saying

Here are some testimonials from our amazing Wooftopians! If you’d like to submit one of your own, please email us at info@wooftopia.ca.

After about 10 minutes with Dez, we were accepted in to doggy daycare and we signed up for our first couple days… Scout went for two days in a row; she came home tired, but calm. After the weekend, which she slept a good portion of, she went back on Monday. After the third day we had a different dog. She was calmer, better behaved, and seemed more content.

– Bonnie P.

I know Desiree Klippenstein, owner of Wooftopia, from the work she does with local dog rescue, Manitoba Underdogs. I have come to know her as a tremendous resource. She is a lover of dogs, but more importantly she is experienced and skilled in dealing with all types of dogs from shy, nervous and withdrawn to overly bold, reactive, and kinda naughty. As soon as the doors of Wooftopia opened, I knew I wanted my two rescue dogs, Vito and Frankie, to attend Daycamp and training classes with Dez and her excellent staff. We are so pleased with with our experience, thus far. Wooftopia is welcoming, loving and supportive, focused on addressing our dog’s individual needs in a positive, spacious, proactive environment. In a relatively short period of time, we are seeing positive results. Our dogs love attending Day Camp at Wooftopia and we feel confident sending them there!! Congratulations to Desiree for creating a fantastic facility where all dogs are treated to the best possible care.

– Nancy D.

We adopted our dog through the Manitoba Underdogs a couple months ago and found some minor issues with confidence, socialization, and impulse control. Dez suggested daycare, and we tried it out. She sent us videos and pictures of our dog meeting the other daycare dogs, and feedback on how she was doing. She got treated very well and they took our concerns into consideration. Other dog daycares seem to have too many dogs for your dog to get special attention, or staff that aren’t very familiar with positive reinforcement training techniques. That’s not the case here. Everyone who works here loves dogs, loves training them, and is very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

– Sarah P.

Dez and the rest of the team at Wooftopia are just fantastic, I can’t say enough good things about this place. My dog has been known to be a bit of a bully at day camp and sometimes has poor socialization skills, but I always feel confident that he is having a great day and is also well taken care of – the entire team are well trained at noticing bad body language and do correct any bad behavior, instead of him being left to his own devices and never corrected – causing any wrong behavior to continue. I really enjoy the videos/updates from the team while he is there and the report card detailing his day after I have picked him up! I will be bringing him here for many years to come!

– Shelley H.

The people at Wooftopia are great. They have taken the time to help Gordie enjoy being with other dogs again. He had a terrible experience before at another daycare, so was scared and very defensive, a bully even. We have seen progress at home too with his behaviour. Let me say Beagles can be a handful, but with good training and good help he is doing much better. I highly recommend this place for your fur baby’s needs.

– Christiane L.

I believe Wolfie was one of the first through the door at the new place, since then he has made so many new friends and really enjoys himself everyday he goes! The staff is the most caring I’ve ever encountered and Wolfie waits at the door every morning impatiently to go to daycare!

– David C.

Wooftopia is simply amazing. The staff are attentive and loving, and they truly care about the doggies in daycamp. I can leave my pooch at Wooftopia and feel 100% confident that she will have the time of her life in a safe environment. It’s also wonderful to know that she gets to spend quality outdoor time sniffing, and running with her friends. Highly recommended!

– Lindsay G.

We got our first dog, Scully, in 2014 and immediately enrolled in a puppy socialization and obedience class with Desiree Klippenstein of Animal Instincts Dog Training and Obedience. Since then, we have taken many obedience, agility, and rally-o classes with Desiree and her employees. These classes have helped us learn how to keep our smart, high energy dog, Scully, busy and challenged. In 2015 we began having private training sessions with Desiree for our second dog, Diesel, who had become reactive with new dogs.

Nearly everything we’ve learned about dog training has been from Desiree. Her teaching is excellent and effective, friendly but professional. The apprentices and employees that we’ve encountered at classes have all been very good as well. We appreciate the fact that only positive reinforcement techniques are used; this makes training and classes fun! We’ve been able to learn how to encourage good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour without using force or punishment, which we love. Scully enjoys the challenge of learning new things at classes, and Diesel has made so much progress in his behaviour around other dogs! We have learned so much about how to read Diesel and prevent bad behaviour. We’ve also learned what we may have been doing before that was hindering teaching him how to be calm with new dogs. Without the training help that we’ve received from Desiree we would have been completely lost in dealing with our high energy dog, Scully, and our reactive dog, Diesel.

When Wooftopia Dog Training and Recreation Centre opened in late 2015 we began sending Scully once a week. Wooftopia is her absolute favorite place. We’ve also begun having training sessions at Wooftopia with Diesel, and he has done so well. It is a great environment for training, especially since the staff at Wooftopia know and read each dog in care so well. We feel so confident bringing our dogs to this facility and trust that they will be very well taken care of. The fact that the staff are so good at reading canine body language and behaviour makes us comfortable bringing our dogs here. Every person who works at the daycare, whether in grooming, training, or monitoring daycare, is clearly passionate about and very good with dogs. The facility itself is fantastic. I’ve been inside quite a few doggie daycares in Winnipeg, and none I’ve seen had both the indoor and outdoor spaces that Wooftopia does. They have a large indoor space with a few smaller rooms for dogs who aren’t quite ready to be in the big group, and their outdoor space is huge and even has a couple of trees! I don’t know what we would’ve done without this amazing facility and the wonderful staff, and my dogs especially are very lucky we found Wooftopia.

– Mychal N. & Trevor K.

Great place! Our pup was quite nervous around other dogs and rarely felt comfortable playing and goofing around with other dogs. She now goes to daycare at least once a week and has a great time.

– Dann M.

My girl Molly had such a great time on her first day! She was asleep in the car before we left the parking lot. Thanks everyone for taking such good care of her. We will be back many times!

– Amy O.

My dog Tilly loves Wooftopia! He runs up the stairs to the front door and cries to get in. It’s very cute and makes me happy knowing how cared for he and the other dogs are there. The staff are incredibly friendly and the facility is so clean. Would recommend to anyone!

– Laura S.

Our dog loves coming here. We really enjoy the feedback we get from Dez regarding what was good/bad throughout the day, and anything we need to work on with our guy. He always comes home so tired. A tired pooch is a happy pooch.

– Rudy G.

Great facility. We’ve completed basic obedience and used daycare services. Dez and her staff are wonderful and my only complaint is that I keep having to check on Rudy since she got home; I have NEVER seen her nap so hard. She came home exhausted and happy. Can’t wait to come back for more.

– Julie M.

Nikki does such a great grooming job… her work doesn’t go unnoticed! I’m a customer for life!

– Toby

Desiree has been helping us with our reactive dog for about 6 months now. Our walks used to be filled with tension, and were stressful.

Through private training, and class settings, Desiree has honed in on what is making our dog reactive, and has tailored the steps we take based on him. She took the time to understand him, the events that took place to lead to his reactivity, the timings of them in his life, as well as his diet and physical activity level. Desiree looks at a dog in a holistic view, which I think allows for better advice being given. Something that I have really valued, is that she also provides pointers for the owner, I have been able to better sense my stressors, which my dog was picking up on.

Although it has only been 6 months, our walks have become less stressful, and more enjoyable for both of us. I am really looking forward to continuing our classes, as well as private training with Desiree. The progress that we have made in this time gives me great hope that my dog may be able to view other dogs with enjoyment again, instead of fear.

I, without hesitation, would recommend Desiree for any training needs. The quality, and the tailored advice is by far the best that I have ever received.

– Samantha A.