Daycamp that challenges your pooch mentally & physically
We offer a number of different options to meet all of your dog daycamp needs. We have our full day, where your dog can come play for any amount of time between 6:30am and 5:30pm, we have our half day where your dog can come play for 5 hours or less, and we have our 90 minute power hour if you are doing some running around and your dog needs to get some of that energy out. Do you have more than one dog that you would like to bring to daycamp? We offer multiple dog discounts for dogs that live in the same household.

Benefits of Dog Daycamp

For Your Dog:

  • Increased physical activity. Dogs require regular exercise to live a happy and healthy life. Keep your pet trim with regular daycamp visits and prevent many health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Positive socialization with others. Dog daycamp provides a safe and controlled environment where your pooch can interact with other dogs and people, satisfying their mental and psychological needs.

Those suffering from separation anxiety or with a tendency to be destructive will thrive in a controlled, supervised environment. Dogs who lack social skills will build confidence and learn how to interact positively with others. Many dogs simply need an outlet for excess energy to keep fit and stay out of trouble!

For You:

  • Guilt-free alternative to long days alone. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your dog is having a fun, challenging day, allowing you to focus on your daily obligations.
  • Enjoy a quiet evening. Sometimes all you want to do after a hard day is kick up your heels and relax. After a stimulating day of mental and physical activities, your dog will be equally as happy to chill!

Incorporating daycamp into your weekly routine will provide much needed balance and structure for your dog. Extra visits during the cold winter months and mucky summer days ensures your furry friend gets the all the exercise and stimulation he or she needs.

Daycamp Pricing

Full Day

  • 1 dog - $33.00
  • 1 dog with TAX - $34.65
  • 2 or more dogs - $28.00
  • 2 or more dogs with TAX - $29.40

Half Day

  • 1 dog - $23.50
  • 1 dog with TAX - $24.68
  • 2 or more dogs - $20.00
  • 2 or more dogs with TAX - $21.00

10x Full Days

  • 1 dog - $310.00
  • 1 dog with TAX - $325.50
  • Senior 7yr+ - $270.00
  • Senior 7yr+ with TAX - $283.50
  • 2 or more dogs - $250.00
  • 2 or more dogs with TAX - $262.50

20x Full Days

  • 1 dog - $610.00
  • 1 dog with TAX - $640.50
  • Senior 7yr+ - $500.00
  • Senior 7yr+ with TAX - $525.00
  • 2 or more dogs - $490.00
  • 2 or more dogs with TAX - $541.50

10x Half Days

  • 1 dog - $220.00
  • 1 dog with TAX - $231.00
  • Senior 7yr+ - $180.00
  • Senior 7yr+ with TAX - $189.00
  • 2 or more dogs - $180.00
  • 2 or more dogs with TAX - $189.00

20x Half Days

  • 1 dog - $430.00
  • 1 dog with TAX - $451.50
  • Senior 7yr+ - $350.00
  • Senior 7yr+ with TAX - $367.50
  • 2 or more dogs - $350.00
  • 2 or more dogs with TAX - $367.50

90 Minute “Power Hour”

  • 1 or more dogs - $15.50
  • 1 or more dogs with TAX - $16.28
In order to qualify for discounted rates, dogs must reside in the same household. 2+ prices are for each dog. All prices subject to GST.

*If your dog has been given the Bordetella vaccine we ask that you wait 7 days after the vaccine was administered before you send them to daycamp.

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A new take on daytime pet care

Wooftopia offers a unique and enriching daycamp experience for your pooch. Each daycamp coach is trained in positive reinforcement training, socialization techniques, canine body language and pet health and first aid.

A behaviour assessment is performed on every prospective daycamp client, providing dedicated time to best understand your objectives for your dog’s daycamp experience. Play groups are strategically organized based on personality, energy level and training needs. For example, if your dog is anxious meeting new friends, we’ll place him or her with respectful, calm dogs to facilitate confidence and comfort.

Just like us humans, dogs thrive on routine and structure. Each day is scheduled with new and fun activities so your dog will thrive. Daycamp environments are undeniably stimulating; we ensure each dog has a proper balance including downtime activities such as one-on-one training, small group activities and a midday nap. The schedule is constantly changing to keep your dog challenged and excited to come back!


What Our Wooftopians are Saying...

Talented groomers, large indoor and outdoor daycare spaces with plenty of well trained staff. My dog has a great experience every time.

- Shannon L.

Wooftopia is our dog’s second home! Milo had attended obedience and trick classes, go to their daycamp regularly, and boarded with one of their staffs. He is very excited going there every time, and everyone we have met there are reliable, professional, and always go above and beyond. I would totally recommend any dog owners to check them out.

- Katie L.

“I believe Wolfie was one of the first through the door at the new place, since then he has made so many new friends and really enjoys himself everyday he goes! The staff is the most caring I’ve ever encountered and Wolfie waits at the door every morning impatiently to go to daycare!”

- David C.

The people at Wooftopia are great. They have taken the time to help Gordie enjoy being with other dogs again. He had a terrible experience before at another daycare, so was scared and very defensive, a bully even. We have seen progress at home too with his behaviour. Let me say Beagles can be a handful, but with good training and good help he is doing much better. I highly recommend this place for your fur baby’s needs.

- Christine L.

I’ve been to Wooftopia for daycare, training, and grooming. I’m always very happy with the service, and my dogs love it here. The staff are very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to behavioural training and helping dogs socialize. Best doggie daycare in Winnipeg!

- Mychal N.

Wooftopia is an excellent place to trust with your dogs. Our two dogs visit at least once a week and then we have used their boarding services multiple times. Our pups always come home exhausted and we get excellent feedback on their behaviour. We have noticed a significant improvement in their interactions with other dogs and we look forward to learning how they spent their daycare day each week.

- David J.

Dez and the rest of the team at Wooftopia are just fantastic, I can’t say enough good things about this place. My dog has been known to be a bit of a bully at day camp and sometimes has poor socialization skills, but I always feel confident that he is having a great day and is also well taken care of – the entire team are well trained at noticing bad body language and do correct any bad behavior, instead of him being left to his own devices and never corrected – causing any wrong behavior to continue. I really enjoy the videos/updates from the team while he is there and the report card detailing his day after I have picked him up! I will be bringing him here for many years to come!

- Shelley H.

I know Desiree Klippenstein, owner of Wooftopia, from the work she does with local dog rescue, Manitoba Underdogs. I have come to know her as a tremendous resource. She is a lover of dogs, but more importantly she is experienced and skilled in dealing with all types of dogs from shy, nervous and withdrawn to overly bold, reactive, and kinda naughty. As soon as the doors of Wooftopia opened, I knew I wanted my two rescue dogs, Vito and Frankie, to attend Daycamp and training classes with Dez and her excellent staff. We are so pleased with with our experience, thus far. Wooftopia is welcoming, loving and supportive, focused on addressing our dog’s individual needs in a positive, spacious, proactive environment. In a relatively short period of time, we are seeing positive results. Our dogs love attending Day Camp at Wooftopia and we feel confident sending them there!! Congratulations to Desiree for creating a fantastic facility where all dogs are treated to the best possible care.

- Sarah P.

“After about 10 minutes with Dez, we were accepted in to doggy daycare and we signed up for our first couple days… Scout went for two days in a row; she came home tired, but calm. After the weekend, which she slept a good portion of, she went back on Monday. After the third day we had a different dog. She was calmer, better behaved, and seemed more content.”

- Bonnie P.

“Wooftopia is simply amazing. The staff are attentive and loving, and they truly care about the doggies in daycamp. I can leave my pooch at Wooftopia and feel 100% confident that she will have the time of her life in a safe environment. It’s also wonderful to know that she gets to spend quality outdoor time sniffing, and running with her friends. Highly recommended!”

- Lindsay G.