Gentle and professional grooming at your dog's favourite hangout.

The Pet Spaw at Wooftopia

Our pet spaw covers all of your grooming and maintenance needs. The full-service menu includes: bathing, brushing, haircuts, nail trims, deshedding and regular maintenance/upkeep. Wooftopia is currently offering grooming services Monday – Friday, including nail trims and brush outs. Products are carefully selected to minimize our impact on the environment – shampoos and conditioners are biodegradable, nontoxic and pesticide-free.

Dog grooming is about so much more than appearance. Regular maintenance improves his or her mental state and behaviour, and is important for their overall health. A common myth about dog grooming is it’s only necessary for dogs who need haircuts. In reality, the benefits of a quality groom are applicable to all dogs regardless of size, colour or coat type! Our qualified grooming team strives to make your dog look and feel its best. No two dogs are alike; it’s our job to address each specific need. Whether your dog is prone to ear infections or absolutely hates getting its nails trimmed, we promise to approach its groom and hygiene on an individual basis.

We are happy to discuss maintenance plans including both in-home and professional solutions. Our top priority is your dog’s health and safety, whether that means relying on our grooming team or providing the right information to keep them maintained from home.

Grooming and maintenance services are estimated based on each dog’s size, coat type and last grooming. Our pricing is similar to the Professional Pet Groomers of Manitoba.

Benefits of Grooming

  • Improved mental state and behaviour. A dog who is dirty, greasy and matted, with nails so long it’s painful to walk will be uncomfortable and unhappy. They are more likely to exhibit undesirable behaviours like fear or aggression.
  • Identify and treat health concerns early. Regular bathing and brushing removes dead hair, dirt and debris that can otherwise contribute to an overgrowth of bacteria, mites or parasites. A thoroughly inspection of the eyes, ears, mouth and skin ensure that concerns are addressed quickly to prevent serious issues.

To request an appointment, call the grooming line at: 204-287-8359 or email our groomers.

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What Our Wooftopians are Saying...

I had my dog, Charlie groomed for the first time at Wooftopia today, and it was amazing! He is a large-sized Goldendoodle, and I’ve been told in the past he can be difficult so I was really nervous leading up to the appointment. The staff took their time listening to my concerns, and Charlie looked and smelled awesome when I picked him up a few hours later. I was also really happy to hear that he behaved himself. He must really like Wooftopia 🙂 I will definitely be back!

- Lindsay C.

Talented groomers, large indoor and outdoor daycare spaces with plenty of well trained staff. My dog has a great experience every time.

- Shannon L.

I’ve been to Wooftopia for daycare, training, and grooming. I’m always very happy with the service, and my dogs love it here. The staff are very knowledgeable, especially when it comes to behavioural training and helping dogs socialize. Best doggie daycare in Winnipeg!

- Mychal N.