Hitting the ground running

April 1, 2015

The time has come my friends. The lease is officially signed and the construction process has commenced! I will be blogging here and there about Wooftopia’s construction process from now until we open in June 2015. Follow along to see the magic happen!

Let me start with a little background. Early last year, I started to work on a business plan for a dog daycamp. Ever since starting my training company, Animal Instincts Dog Training and Obedience, it seemed that opening my own facility was a natural next step.

After viewing what seemed like thousands of properties, we came across the perfect one. 25 Otter Street, across from Linden Woods off of Waverley. The lease process was a long one, but after three weeks of negotiations, the landlords and I finally came to an agreement. The lease was officially signed and demolition has begun!

There is a significant amount of work that needs to be done to update the space so it not only meets the city’s requirements, but to also create a unique, clean, and comfortable space for our clients and staff.


Once complete, the facility will include:

  • Large indoor play area for daycamp and training;
  • Small play area for small dogs and puppies and behaviour assessments;
  • Retail store where we will sell local and holistic products for your pooch;
  • Grooming area where we use only the best, natural products to get your pooch smelling and looking amazing
  • Large fenced outdoor area

Our staff are certified in pet first aid, experienced pet owners with a background in positive reinforcement training methods … more to come on our team another day!

Talk soon,