Why Daycamp; Why Wooftopia

April 4, 2015

Wooftopia Dog Training and Recreation Centre offers premium dog daycamp to help satisfy your dog’s physical, emotional and social needs. Dog daycamp is a great solution for owners with long work days, or dogs who need the stimulation above and beyond what you do at home.

5 Reasons for Daycamp

#1: Exercise

Exercise is a necessity to maintain your physical and mental health – this extends to our furry friends as well. Many pets are overweight, seemingly unknown to their owners. Extra weight impedes your dog’s ability to enjoy day to day life; simple activities like walking and playing can be difficult and often frustrating. Many medical problems can improve or be eliminated altogether with the addition of exercise to your dog’s routine. Exercise is a great tool for curbing undesirable behaviours, such as hyperactivity, barking and home destruction.

Enter: daycamp. Dogs need a “coach” to help get in shape; they’re not one to self-motivate. Most often owners fulfill that role, but sometimes help’s needed. Integrate dog daycamp into your life to complement your at-home routine and provide your pooch with all the exercise it needs.

#2: Socialization

Socialization is key for proper mental and social development in dogs … but it needs to be done appropriately. Successful socialization training sets the dog up for success each step of the way. The goal is to prevent or solve problems instead of creating them. Improper socializing will put you, your dog and others in unfair, and sometimes dangerous situations. Appropriate socialization sets the dog up for success; a step-by-step process to ensure the dog is ready to progress.

Enter: daycamp. Working with your daycamp team, you can implement an individualized plan to maintain a happy, well-balanced dog – during daycamp and at home too.

#3: Confidence

Shyness and fear are problematic traits that can contribute to behavioural problems like separation anxiety and aggression. Some dogs seem predisposed to these traits, where others have experienced emotional trauma or physical abuse. A lack of social interaction can also contribute to these undesirable traits and subsequent behavioural problems.

Enter: daycamp. Qualified daycamp coaches can individualize your dog’s daycamp experience to meet his or her specific needs. Daycamp can provide positive experiences to facilitate a calm, confident dog.

#4: Safety

Some dogs aren’t cut out to be left home alone. Whether your dog is a counter surfer or nervous chewer, there’s many risks associated with an unsupervised pet. There’s a few things you can do to minimize undesirable behaviours: exercise before going to work; keep them busy with a food-dispensing toy or strong chewy; and/or crate your dog. Even still, sometimes these things just aren’t enough!

Enter: daycamp. Your pooch is supervised around the clock; he or she gets out for regular potty breaks; has access to regular water; and best of all, gets to spend its day being loved up on and participating in fun activities.

#5: Balance

With only so many hours in the day, and a seemingly never-ending list of responsibilities, it’s tough to find a balance. Between work, kids, activities and managing your home … how does anyone find time to sit back and kick their feet up?

Enter: daycamp. One thing that doesn’t have to be a stressor is finding enough time to exercise and stimulate your pooch. Treat them (and you!) to a day away at daycamp, so you can both come home and relax.

Wooftopia’s Approach

Our daycamp offers a unique and enriching experience for your pooch. Each daycamp coach has completed a rigorous three-month training program to build a strong foundation in positive reinforcement training, socialization techniques, canine body language and pet health & first aid.

A behaviour assessment is performed on every prospective daycamp client, providing dedicated time to best understand your objectives for your dog’s daycamp experience. Play groups are strategically organized based on personality, energy level and training needs. For example, if your dog is anxious meeting new friends, we’ll place him or her with respectful, calm dogs to facilitate confidence and comfort.

Just like us humans, dogs thrive on routine and structure. Each day is scheduled with new and fun activities so your dog will thrive. Daycamp environments are undeniably stimulating; we ensure each dog has a proper balance including downtime activities such as one-on-one training, small group activities and a midday nap. The schedule is constantly changing to keep your dog challenged and excited to come back!

Our motto is “work hard and play hard”. Might your pooch benefit from some more work/play in their life? Contact us and become a daycamp member today! Questions about daycamp or our other services? Give us a shout!