You’re Never Too Cool for School

April 13, 2015

Here at Wooftopia, we are proud to bring you a variety of training classes. Whether you have a puppy, adolescent, adult, or senior, we offer something for every dog and owner team.

Our team is schooled in positive reinforcement training and are constantly learning. With any science based profession, it is important to keep up to date with the most recent methods out there. This means attending conferences, reading, partaking in classes with our own dogs, and discussing with other trainers.

Classes are a great learning experience for your dog, but that isn’t the only benefit. Training classes are a great way to create a bond with your pet, get them some much needed socialization with other people and dogs, entertain them during the cold winter months, getting them involved in great activities, having one on one time with one of your multiple pets, and training impulse control.

We switch up our classes all the time so we am offering something new, and focus on what participants want to learn. Don’t want to do another obedience class? Try a fun agility class, or a few fun workshops! Wooftopia offers workshops on specific types of socializing for puppies, fun tricks, hand targeting, leash manners, and more!

A dog is NEVER too old to learn new tricks!

If you are interested in taking one of our classes click here for more information and to register.